How does adding or removing members affect my billing?

Adding and removing members on a paid plan affects your billing.

Adding new members during your billing period

If you're on a paid plan and add new members partway through the billing period, we'll only charge for the time used. 
For example, if you add the member in the middle of the billing period, we will charge you only for that half. We do it automatically in the background.
Inviting a member to your workspace doesn't trigger the charge. The member is counted as added from the time he or she accepts the invitation.
After the invitation is accepted, the invoice will be issued in 24 hours. 
If you would add additional members within these 24 hours, they will be counted towards this invoice. This is to prevent sending multiple invoices a day.

Removing members during your billing period

If you deactivate a member partway through the billing period, you will be able to reactivate that member or invite a new member until the end of the billing period without any charge.

When your billing period ends, and your plan renews, it charges you only for active members. You won't be charged for deactivated members.

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