What means if a member is suspended?

After workspace is downgraded from paid plan to Free plan and has members over the limit, the members over the limit become automatically suspended. 

Here's how it works:

  • If the workspace goes back to a paid plan, the suspended users are automatically switched back to normal.
  • If a suspended member is trying to sign in, the member will get an error message saying the account is suspended from signing into the workspace.
  • The email address of a suspended account can be used to create a new account, the same way as for deactivated accounts.

Deactivating suspended member

You can  deactivate a member who is currently suspended. This user would not be automatically reactivated after the workspace goes back to a paid plan.

Activating suspended member

If you deactivate a member who was previously active, you will be able to  activate another member who is currently suspended.

Pending invitation to a suspended account

If there is a pending invitation to an account that is suspended, the user who accepts the invitation will be automatically suspended and will get an error after accepting the invitation. It's gonna be the same error as when the suspended user is trying to sign in.

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